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    Hey guys!
    I am so glad to found this excellent website.

    A couple of months back, I drove to LA from Pittsburgh with my wife and now, it is time for me to head back. And this time, I am going solo and am kind of scared and free at the same time. Last time, we drove down to St. Louis and followed the old US-66 alignment but on the freeways. It took us 4 days and it was fun.

    This time around, I am planning solo and have more time flexibility. Would you be kind to offer some suggestions on taking a different route? How does US-50 sound? I am thinking of taking some diversions rather than just rolling along freeway.

    Any good trips that last a week or so? Some inspirational scenery or places would be welcome.

    Also some tips to save some money as well. I am planning on camping when possible. But, I have not much planning skills and been just following the atlas. I have slept in the car in Walmart parking lots a few times, but those are in midwest.

    I plan on driving for like 400 or so miles a day. This is my first solo and am kind of anxious. Any help is appreciated.

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    Default Now for Something Completely Different

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Rather than follow the old US-66 alignment, this time why not go for some breathtaking scenery and fascinating history. I'm recommending that you look at using I-15/I-70/I-80/I-70 and a few connecting roads, which all together add less than 100 miles to your drive. But going up I-15 into Utah will take you through Las Vegas and by Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks. I-70 will take you over the San Rafael Swell, through the Rockies and into Denver. A short cutoff on I-76 connects you to I-80 through Nebraska and Iowa along what was once the Oregon Trail. From Davenport head down I-74 to Indianapolis to avoid the congestion and tolls around Chicago and Cleveland and finish up back on I-70 into Pittsburgh. As far as saving money, have a look at some of the tips given in the Art of the Cheap RoadTrip. At 400 miles a day, this drive would take you 6 days, but you may want to budget some more time to enjoy the sights along the way.


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    I drove from San Jose CA to Lexington KY last year. The route I took was I-80 from SJ/SF up through Sacramento, Reno NV and Salt Lake City. I continued on I-80 into Wyoming and then at Cheyenne turned south to Denver, where I stayed with a friend before heading east on I-70 through Kansas, Missouri, Indiana and Kentucky. I did it in 4 days, but that was too much driving vs. time and I wouldn't do it again that short.

    I-80 through the Sierra is very nice. The stretch between Salt Lake and the Grand Tetons is pretty amazing. I hear that I-70 is even better though.

    You could also take some CA & NV state roads through the Lake Tahoe area--some amazing views there as well.

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    Thanks for the great tips, AZBuck. I really liked your idea. I just made one change to take the Chicago route since I been on I-70 many a times.

    Here's the google maps link.

    Is there anyway to go through some of South Dakota without adding too much miles? Is it too ambitious?

    Thanks much.
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    Default That's Up to You

    Heading up to South Dakota would add another 270 miles to your trip, or another half day of driving. Whether that's too ambitious or too many miles is up to you. The way you'd get there is to take I-25 north out of Denver to west-central Wyoming and then use US-20 to Lusk and US-18 into the Black Hills. After visiting the attractions in that area, US-16 would take you to Rapid City and I-90.


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