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    Default Tampa to Vegas and back again

    Wife and I are leaving the Tampa Bay area for Las Vegas to visit a daughter expecting her first child. We plan on taking 5 days to get there, spend a couple of weeks with them and then take our time heading back.

    We're looking for suggestions for the return trip. We are both in our late 50's and will be travelling in a small (but economical) KIA. We have travelled through New Mexico and Texas in the past and am thinking of a more northern route.

    We will be leaving May 24th.

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    Default Taking the Long(?) Way Home

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    There is actually quite a nice return trip that's only a couple of hundred miles longer, but covers some significantly different terrain. You'd start out going north on I-15 past Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, then take I-70 across Utah and into Colorado past the Colorado National Monument and within easy side trip distance of Rocky Mountain National Park. Then it's across the planes through Kansas and Missouri to St. Louis. From there you could either head down the Great River Road to New Orleans and home along the Gulf Coast or head southeast through Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia.


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