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    Hi All

    My first post here. I've done some reading and searching through the forum and have already found some really useful info. What a great website!

    We're South Africans doing our first road trip next month in May. Below is our itinerary. Do you guys think this is a good trip and not too much distance to travel each day. Rented a Chrysler Sebring from Dollar. Looks like a pretty comfortable car. My only concern is that we might want to use dirt roads in some locations so not sure if I should rather get a SUV. They are more thirsty more expensive.

    Day 1: Los Angeles (2 nights)
    Day 3: Santa Barbara
    Day 4: Monterey
    Day 5: San Francisco (2 nights)
    Day 7: Yosemite
    Day 8: Death Valley
    Day 9: Bryce Canyon
    Day 10: Lake Powell (2 nights)
    Day 12: Grand Canyon (2 nights)
    Day 14: Las Vegas (2 nights)

    One of my main concerns are that Tioga Pass in Yosemite might be closed. We'll be there around mid-may. I guess we could take Sonora Pass north of Yosemite, but that might be closed as well. The other alternative is driving down south to Death Valley, but that's about 400 miles and won't leave us with much time in Death Valley, which is one of the stops I'm looking most forward to. The day after we have about 400 miles to cover again to Bryce Canyon, so will have to leave early as well.

    Also, thinking of making a stop in Monument Valley on day 12 on our way from Lake Powell to Grand Canyon. It's about a 200 mile detour. Do you reckon it's worth it?

    What do you guys think. Any tips much appreciated.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I wouldn't worry about the SUV, if you are taking your rental car on a road that you need an suv, you are already breaking your rental contract. Off road travel is not allowed by any major rental car company, even if you are renting an suv.

    If Tioga and Sonora passes are both closed, then going around to the south via Bakersfield is probably your best bet. However, since this route is a much higher speed route than Tioga or Sonora passes, it really shouldn't affect the amount of time you have available in Death Valley. In either case, you'll be looking at a fairly long drive, so if this is one of the places you are most looking forward to, and you've got a long drive again the next day, I'd probably try to add one more day to your Yosemite/DV/BC leg.

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