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    I'm planning a roadtrip for myself and a friend from the east coast of central Florida to the west. This roadtrip will take place the 2nd week of march. Ideally, on the way I would like to go to the Grand Canyon, California, Yosemite and Vegas on the way back. I'm not really aware of any other places that are nice to visit. I've never been on a roadtrip before so I need your help! I just want to keep this roadtrip as inexpensive as possible and I think camping most of the way would help. If going from Florida to the west coast and back is not feasible in 7-9 days please let me know, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions and am very flexible as to where I go as long as it is memorable. So if you have something completely different in mind, I will considerate as long as it can be inexpensive. Also I was thinking of couchsurfing if necessary

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Default everywhere is memorable

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Sorry to tell you that the West Coast just isn't within your reach if you only have 7-9 days. You need about 5 full days just to drive coast to coast, so it just not going to be possible.

    Of course, any trip can be memorable and in fact the actual destination is only a small part of what makes a good roadtrip memorable. With your time limt, I'd say 2000 miles away would be the farthest you should be looking at going from home - and even that would require significant driving pretty much every day.

    That pretty much leaves open the entire SE US, from about Washington DC to Texas within your reach. Now what you would want to see in those areas depends upon what your interests are.

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    Default Huh?

    I'm not really aware of any other places that are nice to visit.
    These are "fighting words" here, partner. LOL

    Seriously, there are nice places to visit just about anywhere. You can even be a tourist in your own backyard. I bet there are things worth seeing not far down the road that you've never taken the time for. I know that's true of most of us.

    Since you've never done a roadtrip before, and since you have limited time and budget, let me make a suggestion: Put your camping gear in the car, fill the tank, bring along a cooler of food to eat cheap and healthy (and follow the link in that post for budgeting ideas), and just go. Just get in the car and go. See where the car wants to go. Go right? Left? Flip a coin. When you've gotten half-way through your time or money, whichever comes first, turn around and start meandering home.

    With the right attitude, this could be your greatest adventure ever.

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    Default Terminology?

    Hello journeyseeker,

    My take is there are innumerable "nice places to visit" and many blockbuster, spectacular, must-see-at-some-point places. The blockbuster locales you listed are indeed too far for a 7-9 day trip--way too far.

    The good news is there are many nice places within striking distance of Central Florida, especially for Springtime campers on a budget. A few that come to mind are Mammoth Cave, KY, Callaway Gardens, GA, the Talladega Scenic Parkway, AL, and most anywhere along the southern Blue Ridge and foothills in SC, GA, and AL. There are many state parks and National Forest facilities and campgrounds in SC, GA, and AL, too. I omitted my home state of NC purposely in that it's normally fairly cold and blustery in the Smokies and the Blue Ridge in March, and the elevations in the NC mountains make the difference from temps just a bit further south even greater.

    If you like beaches, there's the Wilmington, NC azalea festival, and the beaches from Topsail all the way to the SC line are often quite nice in March. For a bit more adventure, the Outer Banks beaches can be very enjoyable in the early Spring, too, but it's further away and less developed, and the weather just that much further north can be iffy.


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    Thanks for all the feedback. I really like the idea of visiting the southeast but I also like the "flipping a coin" idea! haha. What would YOU recommend I see if I were to go from Florida to Texas? Any other feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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