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    Default Roadtrip options from NYC

    Hubby and I are thinking we want to do a 4 day/3 night roadtrip from NYC (we live in Manhattan). Any thoughts on these two ideas...

    1st - considering driving to Toronto, hitting Niagara Falls on the way - what else is there to see on the way to Niagara?

    2nd - considering driving to Chicago. Hitting parts of PA along with stopping in Cleveland one night.

    Approx travel time on Mapquest says Chicago is a 12 hour drive from NYC. Is it realistic to do a roadtrip to Chicago in 4 days along with stops on the way?

    We've never done a roadtrip together before so any and ALL suggestions are welcome, even for other rt option destinations. Also any links that may be helpful for beginner road trip travelers would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default options


    "1st - considering driving to Toronto, hitting Niagara Falls on the way - what else is there to see on the way to Niagara?"

    Adirondacks Mountains (Upstate NY)
    1000 islands on Lake Ontario
    Syracuse (NY)
    Rochester (NY)
    Buffalo (NY)

    The great thing is, if you decide to go to Niagara, you don't have to follow the same route back home, you can go through the Canadian border and follow QEW and 401 in Ontario to go back to NY (I-87 to NYC).

    On your way back :
    Wine Country
    1000 islands (Brockville, Gananoque)

    Chicago is farther and I'm not sure you would have much time left for stopping anywhere else on the road... Even if you go to Niagara, you won't have much time to visit a lot of places's up to you! It depends on how much time you want to spend on the road and how much you want to spend visiting places. NYC-Chicago is doable in 4 days to my opinion, but you will spend most of the day in the car.

    Mapquest is helpful, but remember that their time frame is based on perfect road conditions and they don't consider possible traffic jams, snowstorms and car accidents along the way.

    Other 3-4 days roadtrip options from NYC :

    New England and Quebec : Boston, White Mountains (ski resorts), Vermont (Burlington, ski resorts), Eastern Townships in Quebec (ski resorts, winter sports, nature, mountains), Montreal and Quebec City (typical French ambiance, culture, nightlife and food (both bilingual cities)

    Amish Country Pensylvania

    Scenic drive through the mountains of West Virginia and Tennessee

    Have a safe trip!


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    Default thanks for advice, came up with a different plan NYC / VA Loop!

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Actually hubby and I have decided to do a 6day treck in mid April hitting PA, VA, MD, DE and NJ (the Chicago one seemed too much to take on for a first trip). We started planning it out and actually intend to camp at different campgrounds in the different cities/states. RandMcNally has a wonderful online program that allows you to plot out your Roadtrip for free online and we've been planning our butts off.

    If anyone has some "must see" advice on places to go to while in these states, let me know. We already intend to hit Amish Country in PA, Richmond VA, Baltimore MD, Dover, DE and although we've been to Atlantic City before, we are making that our last night and staying in a nice hotel room to celebrate the end of the trip. Also looking for some wineries to hit in VA.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    Default VA

    Then be sure to take the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on your way to VA, you'll save time (less traffic) and you'll have more nice stuff to see than if you'd take I-95 to my opinion. The Chesapeake tunnel once was the longest in the world until they built the one under La Manche. The area of VA between DE and the Chesapeake Bay (region known as South Hampton I think) is very quiet and nice, you'll find some nice hotels with private beaches...if you enjoy long walks like I do, it's really fun. The ferry in Cape May might also be a great option.

    Good planning!


  5. Default NYC to Niagara

    Your scenic routes was very inspiring. I will be leaving Sat. midnight from NYC probably drive till 4-5 AM. I need an inexpensive yet accommodating lodging somewhere. Can you recommend?

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