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    Hey all,
    I'm heading out of CA on I-40 headed for Columbus, Ohio next week. I'd like to take Historic Route 66, which as I understand it snakes around I-40 the whole way to St. Louis, correct? I've been going through this route 66 site and mapping it out street-by-street on Microsoft Streets and Trips, but it is taking forever to drag that darn little green line off of I-40 onto every single Rte 66 side road.

    So, here's my question: If I just start off on I-40 in Barstow, CA, and follow it east, will there be signs pointing me in the direction of Rte 66 the whole way? If I get lost, I know I can always get back on I-40. Is Rte 66 well-marked enough that I don't need to plan the whole thing out beforehand?

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    Default No, it is very tricky to stay the course

    Quote Originally Posted by maxm50 View Post
    So, here's my question: If I just start off on I-40 in Barstow, CA, and follow it east,
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! It can be a full-time job just trying to decide which alignment of Route 66 is the "true one" and following it all the way to Chicago is a serious challenge. The best site I know of for doing it is this one by Guy Randall. Road Dog has driven it at least twice in recent years -- and I am sure Don could offer some tips and suggestions.


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    Default S&T download

    This website has links for GPS and MS S&T downloads.
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