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    Is this route well posted and easy to follow? Some maps that I reviewed seem like route 66 is difficult to follow, due to the road no longer being assessable. Should I travel the mother road?

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    Illinois does a pretty good job of marking Route 66, but it is still a decommissioned highway and it takes some work to follow it. I think the biggest challenge is that some parts of the road have been directly replaced by the interstate, so it can be difficult to know when you need to get back off the freeway.

    If this is something you want to do, I would suggest going a little more in depth, and check out one of the books and/or websites we recommend in our Route 66 section.

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    Illinois is one of the states at the forefront when it comes to historical road signage. I've been on the National Road, Lincoln Highway, and Route 66 and have rarely ever had a problem, even without a map. You will find signs with arrows showing you where to turn when needed.

    Along Route 66, some towns will actually have several alignments marked. At times, I-55 will be right on top of the old 66. Route 66 was a four lane throughout Illinois at the time of its decommissioning with bypasses around the towns. When you're on the old 66 and have I-55 right next to you, the nearest lanes were built directly on the Mother Road.

    I especially like the stretch between Wilmington and Joliet where it is still a divided four lane highway. It gives me the feel of what the old road was like in the 40s and 50s.

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