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    Becky Scully Guest

    Default Birmingham, AL to St. Louis, MO

    Any suggestions for a pretty route between these two cities? I am thinking of making a detour to Perryville, KY for tea at the Elmwood Inn. Went up the East side of the Mississippi the last time and am open to going up the West side this time. Don't have to stick to the Interstates. I prefer to meander, mosey, and sashay. Any good antiquing towns? Any interesting place a half day's drive from St. Louis to stop the night before in order to be in SL around noon the next day? Am returning from SL to Tampa, FL so any suggestions for the return will be appreciated as well.

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    JenKwas Guest


    Hi, I am from St Louis but now live in Memphis. If you want to take a more western route, an interesting place to visit is Reelfoot Lake near Tiptonville, TN. It was formed from the Mississippi river in an earthquake in 1811. Then you can drive up to Hickman KY and take a ferry over the Mississippi to Dorena MO. In Missouri check out Lambert's Restaurant, home of the throwed rolls, in Sikeston.

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