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  1. Default Roadtrip from Atlanta to Los Angeles? Oct/Nov

    Hi Forum!

    My brother and I travels (we are from Denmark, aged 22 and 25) to Mexico in October and plans to stay in the US for a while when our Mexico adventure is completed (we want to take advantage of the cheap dollar). We will fly from Mexico to Atlanta and our idea is to take a road trip starting in Atlanta (but we could fly to another city/state). We will probably use about 14 days on this road trip. We have never been in the US before so everything is new and exciting.

    We thought: Why not drive from Atlanta to Los Angeles? But is it to long (14 days)? We would like to experience the inland of America and the magnificent scenery.

    Do you have any ideas/comments/suggestions? Where should we drive? What should we see? Anything would be appreciated.

    Money is not an issue - but we never waste hard earned money ;-)

    Take care

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I think, if you have 14 days to make this trip, then by all means do it! October is a good time of year to be driving around in the South. Most of the Summer heat has dissipated by this time (though it still can pretty warm), and you won't be out in the heart of tourist season, either.

    Having a good budget helps, too, and since money is not an issue - then you are in an even better position.

    You could start farther away from Los Angeles, too. It typically takes five days to drive from coast to coast, so you could start from, say, Boston and head out from there, seeing New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, etc.
    Of course, you can run the risk of giving yourselves too much to do.

    There are many different landscapes to see in the country - from the old Appalachian Mountains to the relatively young Rockies; the Great Plains to the Desert Southwest. Small towns with only a few residents to some of the world's largest cities.

    You will be in the States around the same time as foliage season is in full swing. If you are into hiking, I would strongly suggest taking in a hike somewhere along your route and enjoying the changing colors from up on a mountain top.

    To let us fill you in on your options, tell us a bit more about yourselves - what kind of things are you into? Are you looking for a trip where you drive through an area, or do you want to really explore some places? Sometimes it can be hard to find that balance. I know there are places about which I'll never know more than a fraction of what there is to be known.

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