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    HI everyone,

    This is the first road trip I am planning and I am planning on doing it in 16 days (its all I have time for). I plan to go visit the east coast along a Northern route, then come down south back to San Diego. My first question is what is the fastest way to get to Chicago from Los Angeles? And secondly, realistically, between two people, how quickly can we get there? I don't want to drive more than 15 hour shifts, for safety reasons.

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    The most efficient route from LA to Chicago is just to take I-15 up into Utah, head east on I-70 through Colorado and use I-76 out of Denver to connect with I-80 for the rest of the way to Chicago (and on to Boston), Realistically, at 3000 miles to Boston, I'd schedule a minimum of 5 days. That still leaves you trying to cover 600 miles a day. We do offer some tips on making Speed Runs, but for those, the optimal number of drivers is three rather than two. You can probably do better than 600 miles on some days, but not constantly day after day. Also, Chicago, at 2000 miles from LA, is not optimally positioned for a stop if you try to make it in fewer days. So 5 days out and 6 days back (a longer route) will still leave you 5 days to explore New England and recharge your batteries for the return trek.


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