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    I'm planning a roadtrip with some friends in January from Los Angeles to Austin, TX. What kind of weather and road conditions can we expect in January? The map says were driving on I-5 south, I-8 east, I-10 east, US-290 east. Do we need chains for snow? Are we going to be delayed by flash flooding? How many days do we need to give ourselves to get there. Any information would be helpful thanx!!

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    I'm planning a roadtrip with some friends in January from Los Angeles to Austin, TX.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Since this is going to be a move and not entirely a pleasure roadtrip -- I wonder what size vehicle you will be using and how much stuff you will be carrying with you? Total distance is about 1400 miles and if the roads are clear and dry (no rain or snow) you can expect that it will require about 25 hours of driving or about eight hours of driving over the three days you have allowed for this drive. Ice and snow is always a possibility along that route in January -- but generally you will not need chains. I would suggest you read these tips for winter weather travel. We maintain a good set of web resources with telephone numbers for getting current weather and road conditions here.
    Are we going to be delayed by flash flooding?
    It is extremely unlikely that you will see any flash flooding anywhere on your route in January. In the southwest, we see most flash flooding ocurring as the result of monsonal storms (June to August). You will be able to find pleasant motel and other lodging choices along the route and here is an overview about whether or not you need to make reservations.

    Happy Planning!


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