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    Default Exploring New Mexico

    Heading out from Alabama to explore western New Mexico.
    Off work from 3rd shift Friday morning...on the road @ 7 am!
    A great start.
    Balloon Fest in Albuquerque was timed just right...and a Johnson OB from ebay needed to be picked up there too...what luck.

    Will have to post in stages...

    Are we there yet?

    Things you see heading down the road...

    Arkansas rest area...I need a rest

    Kept going to the other side of Oklahoma City...
    Sunrise at El Reno, Oklahoma

    Dang the wind!
    At least was from the side and not a head wind.

    Time was more important than this point.

    What a great name for a exit

    We landed at noon...great time to get there...not much traffic

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    Default The Hot Ones

    Early the next morning at the Albuquerque Ballon Festival

    Notice 'Storm Troopers' for crowd control...

    A car show during the day after all the ballons have flown away.
    What is this?

    Does any American not like this car ?
    I'm not even a Ford guy, and I still look twice

    After dark they have these ballon glows.
    Just light them up.

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    Default More photos

    Fireworks each night

    We would turn on the TV while waking up and see the traffic reports... "if your not in line, stay home" they would say.
    We only stayed there Saturday thru Tuesday...then went touring New Mexico.


    Crowd control...

    This 'The Balloon Guy'
    You will see him on TV each day.

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    Default The Box

    During the competition drop, they fly by low and try to hit targets laid on a grid.

    The 'Box' was perfect Tuesday for this...
    Balloons could fly south by staying low...
    The rise and fly north to get another chance.
    Was strange to see your fav balloon disapear off over town, then look up and there he is again.

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    Default The Gas Guys

    Now these are the long distance balloons.
    They stay up for days vs hours for hot air type.
    On the left is Helium..............................Right side are Hydrogen
    $4000............................................. ................$600
    Cost to fill




    Each of the gas balloons had to lauch from the same spot.
    So they would float over to platform, them take off.
    Wind was about zero...and they went straight up.
    They also launch at dark vs dawn for the hot air type

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    Default On the road again

    Looking for Uncle Sam careful how you say it...

    Sniffff...I smell a cat

    A window seat for dinner please...

    Sunrise at Aztec

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    Default The smell of beef in the morning

    PU...what you cooking?

    Leave the driving to me...

    I expected a mountain top

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    Default Western New Mexico

    It was fun until this...I thought about said turn around

    Aztec in center had really weird fell to it.
    Don't think was for pleasent activities.

    Cool Job...

    Thats Shiprock 35 miles away...look between light poles

    Condos in Shiprock area

    On the road to Window Rock

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    fantastic report with top photos,the ballons look amazing!
    i want the dog and that ford at the car show,oh, and by the way i think the co-driver made the right choice,that bridge definately looked dodgy,lol.

    looking forward to more.

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    Default Awesome

    The pictures are amazing. I love New Mexico. I can't wait to see more.


    PS - did you wind up backing up?

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