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    Default Mexico and Central America

    I'm looking to take a roadtrip well south of the border this fall. Other than some daytrips to border towns, I've never spent any time in Mexico or points south, so I'd appreciate any tips from someone more experienced in this area.

    My plan at this point is for a 7-10 day beach and jungle trip in October. We will be flying into Cancun and renting a car. The rough outline I've come up with so far has us driving down to the Costa Maya region (the southern most part of Mexico's east coast) and spending a day or two on the beach. Then we'll cross the border and head for the Cayo District of Western Belize, spending a few days in the jungle checking out Mayan ruins, caves, and possibly dipping into Guatamala. After that we'll head back east to the Belizean coast, probably in Hopkins, for a little more beach time, before heading back north to Cancun.

    I've already found a couple car rental agencies that will allow international travel, but if anyone has a favorite rental company in Cancun, I'd like to hear it. I'd also like to hear about any budget/moderate priced lodging options in those areas or if anyone has any general driving tips (like avoiding the topes) for this part of the world, they would be appriciated as well.

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    Default Gosh...sure wish I could help!

    But I've never had the pleasure of doing a roadtrip down there. Maybe someday? I have friends who live in Mexico half the year and they say the only solution for topes is to go slow. Sorry, that's the best I've got for ya!

    I sure hope you'll do a trip report with pictures upon your return. Have a great time!

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    Default Only Baja California

    Quote Originally Posted by Midwest Michael
    I'm looking to take a roadtrip well south of the border this fall.
    That sounds pretty darn cool. We need a good field report from down there. My experience is much like yours -- a little more knowledge about Baja California, but not really much to help out this time.


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    Default Is it help?

    I picked this up on the internet. Guess, it says a few things abt driving in Mexico and other basic statistics. If you have ot yet bumped onto this, hope this can be of some help.

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