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    My 3 friends and I are looking at going on a Road Trip this summer, possibly to Seatlle, or if money and fuel is too much of an issue, to hit Austin, TX. We live in Southeast Nebraska. Even cheap hotels get expensive after a while, so what are the laws and etiquete on staying places for free. Truckstops? Wal-Marts? Going off the highway and camping in the woods? What safe/legal/free? Thank-you

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Truckstops are often a good spot to rest, and some Walmarts will allow you to spend the night in the parking lot. Of course any time you are looking to sleep at a private businesses parking lot, you should get permission first.

    The problem is that the cars where 4 people can sleep comfortably inside are very few and far between. Other than a full size van or possibly an extra large SUV, there's just not enough room for that many people to get a decent sleep.

    Camping would be a great option worth considering. Typically you'll pay around $20 for the night, with public facilities like state and national parks costing less than private campgrounds. For that money, you'll get spot to put up a tent, usually a picnic table and a fire ring, a toilet, and often a shower. Some national forests do allow camping for free in dispersed areas, however, you need to check with the rangers to find out which areas where that is acceptable. You also won't get anything other than an area to set up, and you'll have to pack in and pack out all of your gear and waste.

    I'd also checkout the art of the cheap trip article from our planning section

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    Free and ultra-cheap lodging/camping options are also discussed in this thread. I agree that camping is probably your best bet, but young and adventurous people might enjoy trying the couch-surfing and other options like that. If you do, I'd love to hear you report back about how it went.

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