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    Default Still Camera / Video Camera

    I'm currently looking into buying some sort of camera for a cross country road trip (wisconsin - california) in June. I would really like a video camera that also takes still pictures but I am just trying to find out whats available, price wise, quality wise and so on. Anyone have any favorites or know of any good deals online or anything? Thanks!

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    Default I have no ideas on your camera issue

    But Welcome to the RoadTrip America forum, anyway!

    While somebody here might very well come in with some suggestions, I'm thinking you might get better advice by searching out forums specific to cameras. I'm sure if you did a search for "camera review" websites, you'll find plenty. I know that's what I did when I bought my digital camera.

    Good luck and please ask us questions about your trip and let us help you plan the best trip you can!

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