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    I am about to embark on a road trip and I was hoping you fellow travlers would be able to shed some light on cameras.

    I will have a web site where people can log onto and find out where I am across the US and I am hoping to include pictures of my journies as well. My problem is that I will not be bringing a computer along with me and will instead be using Kinko's to log in an update the website.

    Is my only option for a camera, a polaroid instant? I will not be able to stop places and get the film from a regular camera developed. I thought a digital camera would be good but if I do not bring my own computer with me, I would assume I wouldn't then have the proper equipment to hook up to various computers along my trip. I thought the polaroid would be instant(although extremly pricey) and essentially my only option.

    Does anyone know another way to do this? Any information would be of help.

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    Default USBs and mem cards

    Personally, I would go with a digital with extra memory cards. I would assume most Kinko computers have USB ports. I can hook up my camera via USB cable and it creates an instant extra drive on the computer listing all the pictures on the card. I would think you would select those photos that you want on your website to be uploaded and be done with it. If their computer's have CD-RW drives, I don't see why you couldn't save the photos on the memory cards to a CD while you're at it. That way you could delete the pictures from the camera's memory cards and have room for more pictures. I'm not an expert at this, but I believe this is how it would work. Maybe you should check with Kinkos to see if they think this would work for you.

    Have fun on your trip!

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    Default I agree with the digital camera!

    Check out what is available at Kinko's for digital cameras!

    Besides, the best pictures on the internet are from digital cameras.

    I'm also confused as how you were going to get the polaroid pictures onto the web site.


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