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    Default The Flip Video Camera.

    If ya watch the Travel Channel for any program, they seem to somehow work the Flip video camera into each episode.

    So,, what the hey, I bought one.

    Ya get an hour record time on a built-in flash card, easy to operate, has all the software pre-loaded to slam into your computer with a cool pop-out USB connector,, I like it, in theory.

    It's tough to load into your computer though.
    Just a very slow fussy process really, with blind icons to deal with while learning.
    Ya need patience, lots of patience.

    Once ya get the hang of it,, it's cool.

    Has a zoom that works pretty good, easy playback and delete too.
    Bought it at Best Buy for $120 with a $20 rebate. For some reason, it still cost $140.

    I loaded a few videos we shot water skiing onto You Tube. The Flip has all the You Tube process in their software that loads to your computer.
    It doesn't exactly work like the Flip instructions say it will.

    You can mix a movie with its built in software, but uploading to You Tube got me the same old first test video of our mean cat washing himself no matter what other video we selected.

    So simply turning it off, then back on, seemed to "install" your latest project.
    Cantankerious for those of us over 14 years old.

    So,, when we get that figured out,, no IF we get that figured out,, I'll post some You Tube test links so you can check it out.
    It's going to be a spell.- And it might be our mean cat washing himself.

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    Default "...Cantankerous for those of us over 14 years old..."

    Quote Originally Posted by Ross & Alice View Post
    So simply turning it off, then back on, seemed to "install" your latest project. Cantankerous for those of us over 14 years old....
    One of the RTA contributors has been field testing this unit too -- the lack of editing tools will surely drive just about sane person koo-koo. But it size and relative ease of shooting video is very appealing. Looking forward to your reports about this little gizmo.

    I, too, have less patience with technology than the average 14 year old -- good luck with your trials...


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    Part two:

    Problems start with the FLIP software it loads into your computer.
    If you are "taping" a scene with the Flip camera and hit pause, that's it for You Tube.
    You can only upload from pause to pause.

    The next scene will create a whole new You Tube upload.
    (The Flip program has a You Tube icon and will do it for you BTW)
    We'll try Grouper and see if it's the same there too.

    Flip software lets you make a movie of all your clips, but will only let you upload a single segment of that movie pause to pause.
    Quality,, well, you make the call, here is a view of a clip.

    It would only upload this first scene of a 7 minute movie of me driving the boat with the kids.
    Kinda blurry too.

    But, we burned the whole "movie" onto a CD.

    We spent hours trying to tranfer the clips to iMovie in our Macbook, but iMovie wouldn't have anything to do with the Flip program.
    The idea being maybe an iMovie would upload the full 7 minutes.

    The Flip is handy, I like it, the wife feels the pix quality is poor and it's software is too groutchy to jive with our computers operating system.
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