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  1. Default NC to CA (half way there!)

    [Here is the original planning thread behind this trip!]

    Reporting from Oklahoma City. First two days were long ones, from coastal NC to Knoxville Tenn, and then Knoxville to Russellville Ark, today we did a short day, and spent the day at the OKC Omniplex.Very cool and kid friendly!

    So far not too bad. Seemed to be a bit of construction in Tenn, and the I-40 in Ark is terrible, and torn up in many places (and into OK), but still rather uneventful trip.

    CB is providing much entertainment, kid is managing with his multi-entainment center in the back (thank you grandma!).

    Tomorrow onto Santa Rosa or Gallup depending on how early we get up and move. We've been leaving at 0530, but I think there is a storm passing through, if so I'd much rather start after daylight, will have to check out the weather path before we head to bed.

    Thats all for now fellow roadtrippers!
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