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    There are 2 of us driving from Tucson, AZ to Nashville TN. We MUST be in Nashville by 1:00 pm local time on the 5th of July. We planned to leave early morning of the 4th ( 3am or so) from Tucson. Is this pushing it? Any info on the most direct route or advice from those of you who've made this trip would be sooo appreciated! Thank you!

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    Default Gumball Rally?

    Are you competing on the Gumball Rally or something? :s I've never driven that route but it appears to be at least 1,600 miles which, unless you are suicidal, is not gonna happen in the 34 hours that you have - especially when you have a deadline for your arrival. Take a look at this article for information on getting somewhere in a hurry.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    You're looking at a 1600 mile trip, which we'd generally recommend 3 full days of driving for. So, yeah, a day and a half would be something beyond pushing it.

    The reality is, this trip will take you around 28 hours to complete in a best case situation. When you factor in time changes, you're only going to have 32 hours total to make this trip. So, that leave almost no time available for sleep, or other elements that could slow you down.

    So on a theoretical level, yes, you might be able to do this, but I can't say that I'd ever recommend it. The fact that you "Must" be at your destination at a specific time, also means you'd likely keep going even if your body was telling you to stop. Either give yourself more time, or look at buying a plane ticket, it really will be best for everyone.

  4. Default We'll leave earlier - Thank you

    This is exactly WHY I posted, we really have no clue, I've driven to Northern CA ( aprox 950 miles) and have done it with another person driving straight through leaving in early morning hours, however, I'll take your experienced advice and THANK YOU, for the safety of everyone on the road, we'll plan to leave the day before.
    What do you think is a reasonable time frame to allow to make the trip , mapquest puts the trip at a little over 23 hour drive, I thought it might have been possible to drive 16 hours , get a motel, and finish the rest in day 2.

    The trip home we won't be on a time schedule like getting there, but plan to go through Oklahoma, any tips or Must Stops from Nashville to Tucson along that route?

    Thank you and God Bless you!

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    Like I mentioned, 28 hours is pretty much your best case for driving time, which figures 57 mph, which is likely even better than you'll actually be able to do.

    Mapquest's time estimates are great if you can drive non-stop, but until you find a car with an unlimited gas tank, and you can find a robot body that doesn't need to eat, stretch, or use the restroom, they simply aren't reliable.

    Even two full days is pretty brutal for this trip. While 900+ miles is a brutal day on the road, I'd much rather do a one day sprint like that, then try to do back to back days of 700-800 miles. On a sprint you can rest when you are done, the lack of rest and fatigue can kill on day 2.

    Honestly, since you have to be at your destination at 1 in the afternoon anyways, I'd leave a full 2 days early, and give yourself that last morning to either rest and recover or to finish off the last leg of your drive.


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