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    Teen In Trouble Guest

    Default Need Help Now!

    i am a 17 year old eagerly awaiting for my liscence. legal restricions aside, i want to get me and my friends from new milford, connecticut to las vegas while spendingas little money as possible. i want to rent an RV, but i don't know any good places or prices. we'll need to transport 7 or 6 people, and we don't need anything fancy. im talking just enough space to move around a little and enough seats to sleep in. maybe a tv and microwave i want to go to watertown new york, and racine wisconsin along the way. i also need some ideas for good road stops. we don't want any good lodgings or anything, just motels. even one star. any ideas on how to save money but still

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    Default RV rentals are expensive!

    I checked Cruise America and you have to be 21 years of age to rent with them. You will also need to rent a pretty large motorhome to accomodate 6 or 7.

    Figure on only getting about 10 MPG and gas cost alone are going to kill you. Many rental places charge extra per mile if you go over their rental limit. This can rack up costs. You are looking at about $150 - $200 per day just for the motorhome rental...not really a cheap way to travel. Many will only allow so many miles and then charge you around 29 cents for the extra miles! Checked for 14 days in June on Cruise America it will cost over $3,000 for a large RV, and that only includes 1,400 miles and you're looking at driving over 5,000 so in miles alone it will cost another $1,000+. If gas is $2.00 per gallon you're looking at another $1,000+.

    Does anyone of these 6 or 7 people have a van or mini van? What about pitching tents at campgrounds?


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    Carolyn Worl Guest


    you won't be able to do much once you get to Vegas, since you have to be 21 to even step inside of a casino.

    I recommend renting a full sized van, and camping out along the way. Very cheap accomodations are available in Laughlin, which is a short drive from Vegas.

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