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    We are planning for Arizona Thanksgiving vacation. So, I wanted to know if it was possible to rent a jeep or and SUV that can be used to go on the Apache Trail from Phoenix? Where can we rent these vehicles that can go on the trail?


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    The Apache trail isn't as rough as people think. It's a well maintained state highway, just gravel. You could technically take any sedan up there you wanted, although a SUV or Jeep is best.

    I think there are some off-road outfitters if you're looking specifically for a Jeep, although, like I said, any car, truck, or SUV will work (in fact, I'd say shorter is better), I can't think of any names since I haven't used any, but I can check.

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    Default check the paperwork

    You will want to check the paperwork with any SUV/Jeep you do end up renting. Most rental companies do not allow off highway use of any vehicle.

    I'm not familiar with the Apache Trial, but if Brad says its a gravel state highway it less likely to be an issue. However, I'd still double check to make sure you don't violate the terms of your rental agreement.

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    Default Passenger Cars do it!

    Quote Originally Posted by vvivekv View Post
    .. to go on the Apache Trail from Phoenix? Where can we rent these vehicles that can go on the trail?
    Gerald Thurman has driven this road several times in his passenger car -- here are a couple of field reports with photos to give you a good idea what the terrain is like.

    February, 2007

    [Photo by Gerald "Mr. RoadTrip" Thurman]

    December 2003


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    Thanks a lot for the information guys. That helped very much. Now, adding on to it, couple more doubts..

    1. How practical is it to visit the West-Rim of the G.Canyon from, say sedona? Is it too far and would it be open in thanksgiving?

    2. What "quick and nice" experience can we have on the way at 'Flagstaff'. Any specific thing if we need to choose one, during November?

    Appreciate you help.

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    Default Snow falling on Pines AND Cacti

    The Grand Canyon West is owned and operated by the Hualapai Nation, as they control the Access Road up to GCW and the Skywalk. They note that they do have winter hours for their tours, but it has been known to snow up in that region in the Winter. It may be best to contact the Hualapai Tribal Tourism Office directly to find out more. Their SkyWalk Information Site has contact information.

    As far as Flagstaff, you should check out the Arboretum as well as the Lowell Observatory. These are the big attractions in Flagstaff, but on the way between Flagstaff and Phoenix, I recommend visiting Arcosanti and driving up Oak Creek Canyon into Flagstaff.


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