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  1. Default Columbus, OH to Charleston, SC-LOOKING FOR SIDE TRIP IDEAS**

    A friend and I are planning to take a road trip from Columbus, OH to Charleston, SC. We are actually hoping to leave sometime during the first week of September 2007 (so it's coming up). The whole reason for driving there, as opposed to flying, is to experience a genuine road trip for the first time. However, so far the only thing we have figured out is how to get there and back. We would really like to make side trips along the way (not too far off course) to make it more memorable. I am an inexperienced traveler, so I'm clueless as to what there is to see along the way. I desperately need your help in planning this trip, specifically coming up with ideas for side trips/stops along the way. Ideally, we would like to visit funny/weird sites, (ex. the "Touchdown Jesus along I-75 near Cincinnati is a popular destination). Any help would be greatly appreciated...especially since we are leaving soon. Here is a link to the mapquest directions so you can get an idea of the route we plan on taking.

    Thank you all very, very much in advance!
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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    One side trip you may want to consider is in West Virginia - the New River Gorge, and the associated bridge, which is 3030 feet long and was once the longest steel arch bridge in the world.

    Now, for some offbeat places along the way:
    Mystery Hole in Ansted, WV

    Coalwood, West Virginia is the home to the "Rocket Boys" (if you've ever seen "October Sky", you'll know what this is about.

    In Bethune, SC - apparently there is a bridge that crosses the same river three times on US-1.

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    Thanks Tim for the advice. After talking to some family, they suggested that I plan the trip so I drive to Charleston one way, and go home another. Again, I have no experience with road trips, so I didn't think of that...but I really like the idea. In that case, I would like to rethink my original route and come up with one that takes me through more areas. The side trip idea is still something I'd like to look into, but my main focus is now on getting help planning a route. I will have at most 10 days for the trip. Thanks!
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    Default Cars?

    I might be completely wrong but, judging by your user name, you might be into cars? On the route linked in your first post you'll be heading straight through 'Nascar country' - Concord, Kannapolis, Mooresville and Charlotte. This area of North Carolina is home to 90% of Nascar teams and they open their shops for visitors. You can even book a tour if it's your sort of thing.

    Tell us about your interests and maybe we can suggest some stops that tie in with those...

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    Default How long in Charleston?

    Quote Originally Posted by modena36015 View Post
    but my main focus is now on getting help planning a route. I will have at most 10 days for the trip.
    Your initial route (and still the most direct) is about 635 miles. Which would require about twelve hours of travel. So, figure a reasonable two days or 4 days to go both directions by the fastest route. Once you know how much time you would like to stay in Charleston, you can figure out how much time to spend on the other two legs. So... when developing a plan you should think about what kinds of things interest you. Shopping, great bars, scenery, hiking, etc. Also, both of you should take this quiz to make sure you are both planning on the same kind of trip.

    One possible route would be the fast Interstate route down and then a mosey route up the eastern seaboard until you run out of time or $$ and have to break for home... What appeals to you?


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