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    Default Roadtrip from Charleston SC to LA

    I will be driving my daughter to LA from Charleston SC in August to attend school. Any suggestions on how to get there in 5 days with something interesting other than the Interstate all the way.

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    Default Route

    I would suggest taking I-40. I think the scenery is better and you won't spend 1 whole day driving thought Texas! LOL!

    Just west of Amarillo, Texas is Cadillac Ranch. A unique place to get out and strectch your legs.

    On the west side of Albuquerque, New Mexico is Petroglyph National Monument.

    In Arizona right off of I-40 is the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Parks. I think the scenic drive is worth the extra time.

    Just east of Flagstaff is Walnut Canyon National Monument.

    If you don't mind a detour of a little of 100 miles you could make a stop at the Grand Canyon National Park.

    From Oklahoma City to Los Angeles you can find a lot of the Old Route 66. My favorite part is west of Kingman to the little town of Oatman.


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