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    Default Road trip from Roanoke VA to Columbus OH

    Dear all,

    I'm eagerly awaiting to begin a road trip in April. I'm giving a paper at Virginia Tech, and I'll be driving from VT to Columbus Ohio. I'd prefer to taking the backroads, and if anyone has some suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

    Peter Bratt

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    Default One way

    I'm not a local, but here's how I'd do it. I suspect these are roads you wouldn't make very good time on, but that wouldn't be my goal anyway. My bet is that these ARE very scenic roads.

    I'd take SR311 to White Sulpher Spgs, then dogleg west to US219. US219 north to the junction of US33 at Elkins, then west on US33 all the way to Columbus.

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    Default stops along the way

    As long as you're taking 33, I'd recommend getting off at Hocking Hills. It's right off of Rt. 33 about 2 hrs. east of Columbus. It's a pretty nice park with lots of trails.

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