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    I have planned my trip to Oregon from Virginia for the end of August. I will be traveling solo except for my small dog that will be accompanying me. I have planned on making the trip in 3 days staying 2 nights in a motel. I have estimated 500.00 which is a little over for gas since my car gets 34 MPG on a good day and about 400.00 for lodging,and food giving me a total of 900.00 for the trip.

    Does this sound like something that can be reasonable done?? I have never traveled this far before...I dont have AAA but I do have roadside assistance thru my phone carrier which offers everything that I may need a long the way and it is alot cheaper than AAA.

    Anyway just hoping for a safe and amazing trip!!

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    I'm sorry to tell you that I do NOT think this is at all a reasonable trip.

    You didn't say exactly where is each state you are starting from/going to, but you are most likely looking at a 2800-2900 mile drive. That simply can not safely be done as a solo driver in just three days.

    Even if you had multiple drivers, this 900+ mile a day pace would be too much. This trip is going to require you to be on the road for about 50 hours, and 17 hours a day in a car just doesn't give your body enough time to recover.

    You might be able to push this out in 4 days, but even that would really be forcing you to push yourself very close to unsafe limits - and beyond distances that professional drivers are allowed to cover. 5-6 days would really be much more ideal, especially considering that you are solo and you will be traveling with a pet.

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    My dog and I are actually use to travel just not 43 hours of it :0) I know that I can do 17 hours with no problem I really dont require alot of stops...but I will be able to tell more as I get on the road. I guess my question really was....will my funds be reasonable enough for my trip for 3 days or even 4 days??

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    One day of 17 hours of driving = OK.

    Two or more days in less than a weekend = not OK

    See this roadtrip report from me and then see this picture of my car.

    Not pretty! And I successfully completed a 4100 mile solo roadtrip within a month of this incident with no problems. Definitely not a lack of skill or experience on my part.


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