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    Default Northern California to Montana via Oregon -- advice?

    In about a week, I am taking a road trip from Oakland, California to Stevensville, Montana. I will go through Oregon both there and back. I've been to Crater Lake a couple of times and plan to hit John Day Fossil Beds on my way back to CA. Is there anything else I should check out in Oregon? I plan to stay in Ashland and Hood River on the way there and Bend on the way back. Also, I know you can't pump your own gas in Oregon, but is it customary to tip? This will be my third time driving through Oregon, and I still don't know the answer to this question!

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    If you've been through Oregon enough times that you're running out of things to see and do, why not consider an alternative? A route on I-80 to northeastern Nevada and then north on US-93 is not only scenic but at 1027 miles, is nearly 200 miles shorter than the Ashford/Hood River route. Plus it saves you the consternation of whether to tip or not. By the way, I wouldn't. I never did back when such 'full service' was the norm and I don't in New Jersey, the other state with this quaint law.

    However, If you go the 'old' way, there are several geologic sites in the Bend area, including Newberry National Volcanic Monument and its Lava Cast Forest. On the Ashford/HoodRiver route, consider taking some time to visit a few of the smaller historical towns and museums along the way, such as Cottage Grove or The Dalles.


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    Thanks for the advice. My previous trips through Oregon have been speed runs so I haven't really been able to explore as much as I'd like. This time I'm spreading things out more, so I will definitely check out the places you've suggested.

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    Early - you might also consider Lava Beds National Monument in the far northeastern corner of California right on the border. This is a little known national monument often passed over and really a great place to check out. Great scenery and very cool lava tubes. Easy hike to fire lookout on Shochin butte too.
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    Thanks, Pashnit. Lots of great options!

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