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  1. Default Houston to San Diego

    I'm driving from Houston, TX to San Diego, CA and was wondering if anyone could offer up some good places to see along the way. Any ideas anyone?

  2. Default Depends upon your route and timing..

    A few places pretty much along the way might include..

    - Carlsbad Caverns
    - White Sands
    - Chirachua National Monument
    - Tombstone
    - Tucson (Desert Musuem, Saguro National Park, Old Tucson Studios)
    - Kitt Peak National Observatory
    - Organ Pipe National Monument
    - Yuma Dunes
    - Old Yuma Depot
    - the lookout tower near Jacumba over the desert

    But.. depends upon which route you take, and how long you want to go off the shortest or fastest route (I-8)

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    Default If I-10/I-8 Route to S.D...

    Larrison's list is a good one... here are a few more things to see.

    In Arizona along I-10... The Thing, east of Tucson, is a cheap museum. You'll see signs for it. Kartchner Caverns State Park (south of Benson) is having a 50% off sale this summer--tour reservations suggested. If you're into hiking, Picacho Peak State Park between Tucson and Casa Grande.

    In Arizona along I-8... Stop for a date shake in Dateland. Yuma Territorial Prison is a quick stop. Again, if you like to hike, Imperial sand dunes are west of Yuma in California.
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