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    Need a little help planning a trip from San Diego to Vegas with short stops at the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.
    We have hotel reservations in Vegas for Wed and are leaving San Diego that same day. Since our route from San Diego to Las Vegas goes right by the Hoover Dam we thought we would stop for a short visit. Then since the Grand Canyon is not much further (we were going to visit the Indian Reservation...not the South Rim) we wanted to see that too since none of us ever have. Can we do this??? We were thinking about leaving San Diego between 5 and 6 in the morning. I mapquested to the grand Canyon and it seems as though we are going way far north before we cut east and start heading toward AZ. Is this the best way to go. I have never driven out west so I'm not sure how to go. Help PLEASE!!!!


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    Default Maybe the Hoover Dam

    Quote Originally Posted by ann1823 View Post
    Need a little help planning a trip from San Diego to Vegas with short stops at the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! You are planning to drive from San Diego to Las Vegas in one day and still think you can take a quick side-trip to the Grand Canyon? That would be a marathan drive, that even a professional driver would not attempt!
    Since our route from San Diego to Las Vegas goes right by the Hoover Dam we thought we would stop for a short visit.
    The fastest route, by far, between San Diego and Las Vegas is to use I-15 (which does not go by the Hoover Dam). If you drove this shorter route (I-15) at or above the speed limit it will take you 6+ hours.

    If you use any of the east-west routes and then follow US-95 north, the journey will easily exceed 8-9 hours with no sightseeing stops. This route would take you past the famous London Bridge and if you used I-40 to Kingman you could then visit the Dam on the way to Las Vegas, but you will need to figure in another couple of hours transit time. It is doable, but you will be getting into Las Vegas late.

    There is no way to include a side trip to "Grand Canyon West" in this day, unless you don't mind traveling for 12+ hours that day!

    Perhaps you should reconsider this route a little?


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    Hi Mark,

    I am thinking to make the same journey as Ann. We are planning to leave San Diego at 7:00am and hit Las Vegas but we are thinking to stop by the Grand Canyon, at least we can see a a part of it. How long will this take us and what will be the fastest way to be at Las Vegas the earliest as possible.



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    Welcome to the RTA Forum

    Sorry, I think you are really really underestimating the distances you are talking about or you really need to get out a map and take another look at where it is you are traveling.

    Going from San Diego to Grand Canyon is about a 10 hour drive, and then at least another 5 hours of driving to go back to Las Vegas. So "stopping by" the Grand Canyon would require at least 15 hours or driving - and that's before you spend any time to actually stop and look at anything. The earliest possible you could be in Vegas with your current plan to leave at 7 am, is going to be I'd say 11pm to midnight. And that's a best case, if you only stop to take a quick glance over the edge of the Canyon and move on.

    We strongly advise again trying to do a "daytrip" from Vegas to the Grand Canyon because its just too much driving for it to be an enjoyable experience (at least 10 hours round trip in ideal conditions). Starting from San Diego would involve 5 more hours of driving on top of that, so simply put, its not a good idea.

    For comparison sake San Diego to Las Vegas is a 5-6 hour drive doing a straight shot up I-15.

    The most direct route from San Diego

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