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    I will be traveling from the east coast to visit friends in Seattle during the last week of April. Then, I have to be in San Diego for business on the following Monday. My wife will be with me and we had planned to leave Seattle on a Thursday and fly down to San Diego to spend a few days before my work commitments begin on the following Monday. However, we also have toggled with the idea of driving down to San Diego. I know that this would be a very long drive, but we have never seen any of that part of the country. We were in San diego for the first time this past December and absolutely loved it. So, our dilemma is:
    Do we just fly to San Diego and spend 3 days relaxing and site seeing, or do we drive from Seattle to San Diego and see some new sights...

    Any ideas?

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    Welcome back to the RTA forum!

    The drive from Seattle to San Diego is spectacular. However, it is also 1250 miles via I-5, meaning the fastest possible route would give you 3 straight 8 hour days behind the wheel. That doesn't include time to drive any of the Pacific Coast Highway or stop at anything else along the way.

    If the idea of a speed run trip, where you get to see the west coast as you fly by it at 75, appeals to you, then I'd say you should drive.

    However, if you'd rather spend your weekend relaxing and if you think you'll have another chance to spend some more time near the Pacific, I'd say you should enjoy San Diego's perpetual 75 degree and sunny weather.

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