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    Default Off the beaten path Colorado Springs

    Going to be there a couple of days in July on the way to Twentynine Palms, California.Anything intresting other than what Ive found off an internet search?

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    Unfortunately, it has been many decades since I was last in Colorado Springs. The open plains that I camped out on are now, according to Google Earth, a jumble of shopping centers, highways, parking lots and other suburban sprawl. Any knowledge I had of the area is well out of date. However, I can tell you the way I've found some incredible off-the-beaten-path venues when I've been travelling, and that is to talk to the locals. In particular, the local tourist information storefronts are a great source of information. While it's true that these places are largely funded by the local for-pay attractions, and hotel and restaurant industry, the people manning the desk are more often than not sincerely interested in seeing that visitors to their area see the places that make them proud to live there. Strike up a conversation, explain as exactly as you can what it is you're looking for, and ask them where they would go if they had the amount of time you have. This approach has served me quite nicely, and I think it will you as well.


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    Thanks Ill try that.I was last in Colorado Springs in 1981,so Im sure what I do remember will be differrent.The last trip there was a tour of the Air Force Academy and a football game between Air Force and Wyoming.

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