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    Hey guys

    Myself and a friend of mine, both coming from Ireland, are heading to Oz for a year but heading through the States. Expensive trip I know!!

    We fly to Boston on June 20th and fly out of Miami on July 20th. However we are hoping to maybe fly out of Miami by July 15th!!
    We are spending a couple of nights in Boston and then heading to NYC where we will hook up with a local friend of ours. From here we hope to start our road trip around about July 1st.

    The plan looks something like this:
    NYC > Wildwood, NJ > Ocean City, DE > Outer Banks, NC > Wilmington, NC > Myrtle Beach, SC > Savannah, GA > Miami, FL.

    Is this trip too much for 2 weeks? Bearing in mind we would like to be in Miami maybe by the 12th(give or take) It is possible to leave NYC a couple of days earlier, but would prefer not to.

    Another possibility would be to leave out Wildwood and Ocean City, and then head from NYC > DC vis Phillidelphia and then head straight to Wilmington (possibly leaving in the outer banks if time allowed).

    Ive never been to the East Coast before so I dont know much about these towns/cities. Which route would be advisable? We are two students who will obviously be looking for a good social scene!

    Also, have you any recommendations for car rental? Which company tends to be the cheapest?
    Also accomodation tips would be very much appreciated. Bearing in mind we will be sticking to tight budget as we still have long trip ahead of us!

    **One final request - Where along this route would be the best place to be to celebrate July 4th!! Im really looking forward to celebrating this day over there!! **

    Thanks a million in advance

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    I don't see any problem with having a month to get from Boston to Miami and taking either of the routes you've outlined. This is the peak travel season during the year, but even still, you shouldn't find too much trouble on the road provided you arrive prepared and aren't in a hurry. With a month, you don't have to hurry!

    Where to celebrate the 4th? That's hard to say - there are so many great places to celebrate the 4th. Sometimes you find that special place that has a great celebration with a lot of festivities, and you just kind of fall into it.

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    Thanks for quick reply

    Thats grand so you reckon weve loadsa time.

    How about accomodation? Do you guys have Hostels or is it all Motels?

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    Default Information about American Hostels

    Quote Originally Posted by hilln21 View Post
    How about accomodation? Do you guys have Hostels or is it all Motels?
    Here is an article about the range and breadth of Hostels and here is a thread from the local experts.


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