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    Default ATMS everywhere

    Quote Originally Posted by jonig4 View Post
    Well, I do. (:

    How much did you spend on the whole trip? Is cash easily accessible throughout the way (Visa ATMs)? Are Credit Cards ubiquitous or are the hotels, diners and bars in the small towns still cash only?
    We paid cash in B&Bs but there were ATMS in most towns and credit cards were widely accepted. Access to cash proved to be no problem at all.
    As for how much we spent, well, too much is the answer but not as much as we could have. We tend not to worry too much about budgeting when we're away. Sorry I couldn't be more precise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoadDog View Post
    That Madison is one of the neatest towns I've ever been in. I've also driven the length of US-50 in Illinois. Didn't notice that place with the cheap margaritas, unfortunately.
    Yeah, I really quite miss Madison, which is a bit odd. And as for missing the margaritas place, I wish we'd missed it too!

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