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    We have booked for a trip to California for early May and are struggling on a route from Vegas to San Francisco. Reading elsewhere on this site it is likely that the Tioaga Pass and roads 108 and 4 are likely to be closed. We want to take in Death Valley, Yosemite NP and the Big Sur coast. Does anyone have any suggested scenic routes to see them all (and more!) in 6 days (we have a couple of spare days after this to see San Francisco)?

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    ....and note that there is a wealth of information re this route on the forum already. Apologies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poddy
    ....and note that there is a wealth of information re this route on the forum already. Apologies!
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Thanks for "finding" and using the search function. Yep, this is one of our all-time most discussed route on this board. Your trip will be great in early May -- expect daytime temps in Death Valley to be over 110 degrees (F) so be sure to read Brad's tips for traveling in the desert. Your timing is just about perfect, as well, for the coastal route -- the skies will be mostly clear and the days nice and warm.


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    Poddy, if first week of may, you might just want to watch the websites. It's very possible the passes could be open, just depends on the winter. Right before you leave, just check the CalTrans website and it'll tell you to the day.

    Note that sure enough, some of them opened up right on that first week.

    This one is handy too as it give you the history of last few years pass opening dates. Hit or miss really.

    Otherwise you are relagated to heading over to Kernville, or going all the way north to Hwy 88 - Carson Pass which is kept open year round.

    If you want to do all three of those mentioned, then best to stick to western side of Sierra Nevada via Kernville & Hwy 175 (wonderful road!). Roads into Yosemite are open year round from Hwy 49. The middle one has the lowest elevation as it heads up the canyon. When you get there, ask about Glacier Point if it's open yet for season. Best view in the park.

    After taking in Yosemite, you'll need to get across the Central Valley and out to the coast. Keep in mind Yosemite is almost parallel with San Francisco, so you need to go southwest to get to Monterey and Big Sur. If you want to avoid main routes and like backroads, try something like Highway J1 - Panoche Rd. Wee bit bumpy, but relaxed pace will do you fine (fill up!).

    Highway J1 - Panoche Rd

    Absolute middle of nowhere! Then over to Hollister and over to Monterey and south.

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