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    Hi there. I've been reading the forum for a while and though I'd post as I start to solidify my trip from Memphis back to San Francisco. Two years ago, I made the trip with my boyfriend from SF to Memphis, where I made a pit stop before going on to Wash DC. I took I-40 after driving down to SoCal and we stopped at the Grand Canyon and in Santa Fe to sightsee for a half to one day or so in each, but pretty much drove through the rest of the way with stops at night in whatever city we were close to--Bakersfield CA, Flagstaff AZ, Santa Fe NM, Amarillo TX, Fort Smith AK.

    Now I'm starting a new job, and I will have 5 days to make it back to SF from Memphis. I am hoping to take I-55 to I-70 (connecting on I-15 to I-80), so we can see some new states--Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. Any suggestions on cities or sights we MUST SEE that are on the way or a minor detour but doable within the 5 days? We'll basically just be driving from during daylight hours, and intend to get out each morning around 8/9ish. Any thoughts or tips of best enjoying what I hear is some breathtaking scenery on that route?

    Many thanks in advance, and safe travels to all y'all!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum and thanks for reading before posting!

    I-70 through Colorado and Utah is probably my favorite stretch of interstate for scenery. 5 Days gives you a good bit of time for short detours, so I would probably check out Rocky Mountain NP and Arches NP on the way through. Then, I'd probably use US-50 instead of I-80, aka The Lonliest Road, for the Trip across Nevada.

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    thanks so much for your response. we were hoping to go through salt lake city (just to see it...not sure what there is to do there), which is why i thought i'd take I-80. but i we'll rethink it to save time and take US-50.

    thanks again!

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