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    Default Springfield, IL to Houston, TX

    Hi all. Just found this forum, and I'm having a wonderful time reading through. My daughter wants to do a road trip in October for her Sweet 16 (with Mom, how cool is that???). We live in Springfied, so I'm familiar with the sites here (Cozy Dog, Lincoln Museum, Shea's Gas Station, etc.). I've got a tourbook for Texas to give us an idea of things to do there. What I'm looking for is ideas between here & there.

    I did one AAA map that took us through Oklahoma City, Dallas and into Houston. A second AAA map took us through Baton Rouge and New Orleans and then over to Houston. Does anyone recommend one over the other, or even if there's another route you'd take instead?

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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    Default Loop

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Why don't you do a loop? Head down through New Orleans, and then Go Back via Dallas.

    Or, even better, you could follow the Mississippi River by taking the Great River Road all the way down to Lousiana before you cut over.

    There are lots of possibilites. How long do you have for this trip and what sorts of things are you interested in?

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    Default I Like the Loop Idea

    I'm trying to figure out how New Orleans made it into the route unless you added it just because it's New Orleans. If you get off I-12 in Baton Rouge and head west you won't go through N.O..

    If you can take Highway 190 from Baton Rouge to Opelousas, you'll be driving through the heart of Cajun Country. 190 will dump you out on I-49 which will take you south and back to I-10 in Lafayette.

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    Thanks for the info.

    I'm not sure how NO got into the directions--I didn't ask for it. I'm not sure we're interested in going to NO. But I like the idea of a loop. I also like the Great River Road idea.

    We haven't nailed down a timeline. My daughter has 2 weeks off school, but I'm sure I won't be able to take two weeks off work. I have to sit down with her to discuss interests. I know we're going to the Houston Space Center and the Galleria in Houston. Not sure what else.

  5. Default Trip to Housto

    Just saw your post I have been traveling to Houston/Dallas for 11 years from Missouri. Houston is great town and October it will not be too hot. When I go I go through Little Rock down to Houston, Houston to Dallas, Highway 69 North to Big Cabin Ok where you pick up 44 East to St Louis.

    You could spend two weeks in Houston and not see it all. If you go check Moody Gardens, Forbidden gardens.

    Kemah is a tourist trap but its fun to walk around Its located near the space center.

    Traffic is brutal in Houston. So you want to stay in different hotels depending on what side of town you are on

    Westhemier by the Galleria is fairly central to everything.

    When you head up I 45 toward Dallas Old Town spring is neat place for lunch

    Dallas has the central west end. Which my daughter really enjoys. Great place to spend the weekend.

    Lastly, drive up on 69 not much going on to see. Enjoy the trip.
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    Default Or a month!

    Quote Originally Posted by kevinbti View Post
    You could spend two weeks in Houston and not see it all. If you go check Moody Gardens, Forbidden gardens.
    All great suggestions! Thanks and welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!


  7. Default Houston... we've got dinner..

    Kemah? Mannnnn... I think I used to go there before it got developed and get "bawled shimp" off the boats for dinner..

    If you got to Houston/ Clear Lake/ Nassau Bay (where the space center is), you've got to have some seafood down along the gulf.

    I used to eat at a place called "The Crazy Cajuin" down along NASA Route 1, on the way from the Space Center to the Gulf. Great catfish...

    Gilley's (the Western Bar that was used as the backgroup for John Travolta in the movie "Urban Cowby") isn't far away -- and its worth a visit (or at least it used to be). It's in East Pasadena, if memory serves.

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    Default Houston to Galveston

    Hi! I live in Oklahoma City and I went to Houston to play at the Hard Rock Cafe with my band. My drummer and I decided to go take the 30 mile trek down to Galveston...This was in March and we wore a jacket and I would recommend it! Even for the fall... =)

    It was a Sunday morning and we had an 8 hour drive to get back to OKC that day but we had a nice couple of hours at the beach.

    Even if you only go there for lunch at Fuddruckers (which I recommend!) take the short trip to Galveston!! You can walk down to the beach and feed the birds and shop at some cool places.

    Remember...30 miles (approx) south of Houston for a wonderful afternoon!!!

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