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    Default Seattle to Houston in 3.5 days

    I need to drive from Seattle to Houston in 3.5 days.

    I do not have prior experience with long distance driving. Also, I am worried about the road conditions in Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado.

    This is my itinerary.
    Jan 20 - Leave Seattle at 6:00 pm and arrive in Boise, ID at 2:00 am.
    Jan 21 - Leave Boise, ID at 8:00 am and arrive in Denver, CO at 12:00 midnight (hopefully a little earlier)
    Jan 22 - Leave Denver, CO at 8:00 am and arrive in Oklahoma City, OK at 11:00 pm
    Jan 23 - Leave Oklahoma City, OK at 8:00 am and arrive in Houston, TX at 4:00 pm

    Does this sound like a viable plan given that I have no experience with long distance driving?

    Also, how bad are the driving conditions on I-90, I-84, I-80, I-70, I-15, I-25 during the winter months?

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    Default How soon will you be going?

    Your transit times are reasonable, if the roads are clear, dry and free of the winter storms that are pounding that route this week.

    If you were to hit the scale of winter storms that are in play this week -- there is no way you could cover that distance in three days.

    Plus, driving solo with less than six hours sleep time is never, never a good idea.

    If at all possible, try to limit your on-the-road time to no more than eight hours in any 24 hour period.

    Most critical -- carry these <a href = "">supplies<a/> and check the road conditions to be found on your route as you go. Links to good sites for this purpose are listed on our <a href = "">weather and road conditions<a/> page.

    Other than that, should be a fun drive.

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    Default Thank You

    I just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you and let you know that I was able to complete the trip in 3.5 days. Luckily the weather was good all through the route. The information and advice that you provided proved very useful in planning the drive.

    Thank you,

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    Default Glad you made it


    Thanks for checking back in. I hope you can now get some extra sleep?

    See anything interesting on the way that you want to report?


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