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    My older brother recently passed away and willed his Mustang SVT Cobra to my 17 year-old son. The car is in Houston and we live in the Chicago area, so we plan to drive it back home.

    We'll fly in and spend the night in Houston then depart early AM. Dates haven't been set yet -- probably will coincide with President's day to pick up a holiday.

    Here's my tentative route.

    From Houston, north on US 59 to Texarkana
    I-30 to Ark 7
    North on Ark 7 to Hot springs
    Overnight in Hot Springs
    North on Ark 7 to I-65
    North on US 65 to I-44 (Springfield MO)
    NW on I-44 to Rolla
    Overnight in Rolla
    I-44 to St Louis
    Visit the Arch, maybe Boeing/McDonnell
    I-55 to Chicago

    I've included Ark 7 based on reports of its scenic beauty and twisty roads that should be fun in the Cobra.

    Any suggestions for accommodations/B&B in Hot Springs and Rolla, or other points of interest?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Does he know how "lucky" he is?

    Quote Originally Posted by houchi View Post
    My older brother recently passed away and willed his Mustang SVT Cobra to my 17 year-old son.
    We are sorry for your loss..

    Wow, 17 years old and the owner of a such a car! Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!
    The car is in Houston and we live in the Chicago area, so we plan to drive it back home.
    There is still a good chance for ice and inclement weather around President's day, which could make it dicey for the car... The rest of the route looks good However, you could spare another couple of days -- you could add in the famous "Dragon's Lair" also known as US-129. This truly awesome road includes the Tail of the Dragon which boasts 318 curves in eleven miles. But I digress...

    Arkansas Hwy 7 -- is a gorgeous road -- but you won't be able to go very fast (and shouldn't try no matter how tempting the curves might look).
    North on US 65 to I-44 (Springfield MO)
    There are some beautiful views of the Buffalo River on that route, and as an alternative to staying on US-65, I would cut north on SR-27 at Silverhill to SR-14 and follow SR-14 either up to US-65 again or avoid the moving parking lot at Branson and enter Missouri at Three Brothers and then follow US-160 back to US-65 north of Branson and then north again.

    At St. Louis -- DO THE ARCH Be sure to ride to the top of the Arch. Very cool. And you could follow Route 66 back to Chicago. Here is some route information.

    Happy Planning!

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    Default Route 66

    From Springfield, Mo. to Chicago you'll be next to the Mother Road. Get off the interstate and drive some stretches if you get the chance. I especially like the area along Hooker Cut, a bit east of St. Robert.

    If you can spend the night at some place before you get to Rolla, I would suggest the Rail Haven Motel in Springfield. In Lebanon, you'll find one of THE
    premier Route 66 motels, the Munger-Moss. Bob and Ramona Lehman will be happy to welcome you. I highly recommend both places. Check out the web sites for these.

    Lebanon is about 50 miles west of Rolla.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

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    Based on your comments, here's my revised plan for day 2:

    North on Ark 7 to Harrison
    East on US 62/65 to S-128
    N on S-128 to S-5
    N on S-5 into Missouri
    N S-5 to Lebanon
    Overight at Munger-Moss in Lebanon


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    Hey Houchi!

    My name is Arturs and I'm 23 years old college student from Europe. This is my first time in US and I have been here since the beginning of June. So far I did my summer internships and worked for Southwestern company in Houston but now I need to change cities and go near to Chicago to do voluntary job with kids in their summer camp. But as I am college student and I want to save some money for my university back in Europe, I don't have enough money to buy plane ticket.
    So, I'm looking for some opportunities for road trip and fortunately found your trip description.
    Of course, I don't know if you have a free seat in your car and I don't even know if you want to take me in your car, because I don't want to encumber you but if there is some possibility, please let me know.
    I will be very thankful for any answer, including big no.

    Have I nice day,
    Student from Europe

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    Default Check the dates

    The thread you posted in was originally posted in January, 2007 and so I bet the trip is only a memory now...


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