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  1. Default Should I bother with a handeld CB radio?

    I'm making a trip from Colorado to the east coast next month. The first part will be pretty much a speed run to New Jersey to deliver some things to my son. After I'm done there I'll be visiting family and friends in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Ohio; followed by a more leisurely drive back to Colorado. I'll be sticking pretty much to interstates and major highways, and except for the first part of the trip, will be driving only during daylight hours. The trip will cover about 4,000 miles and take about three weeks.

    After reviewing a lot of the posts here at RTA I've decided that having a CB radio handy would be the smart thing. Both for emergency communications as well finding out about potential problems on the road ahead.

    Would a handheld without an external antenna have enough transmit/receive range to be useful? I've searched the RTA forums and have found a little information, but it's somewhat dated.


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    Default It stays in my car

    Welcome to the forum Sarge!

    I have a hand-held CB (that actually converts into a vehicle base cb) that I keep in my car. I don't use it much, but it is there none the less. The rubber duck antenna covers a good distance, but you are correct in concern that it may not be enough. I found that, at least locally, running in portable mode (battery pack and rubber-duck antenna), I don't get much info. Switching over to AC power from my car and a simple magnet mount antenna boosts it's range significantly.

    The one I have is very similar to this model from midland. Compact, easily convertible from vehicle to hand-held, and when you don't need it, it can be stowed very easily. Unfortunately, it also means running a wire out between the car door and the car to put an antenna on the roof... but for me, that's a simple price to pay to not have to bolt anything down.


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    Thanks for quick response, Brad.

    The Midland you gave me the link to is one of the models I was considering. I'm also looking at a Cobra that seems to be very similar, and includes a magnetic mount external antenna.

    I'm pretty much a "techy" (computers, audio/video, digital photography, etc.) but have never ventured into the realm of 2-way radios. Any issues you're aware of relative to quality/reliability of Midland vs. Cobra? They seem to be the major brands of this type of equipment.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarge137 View Post
    I've searched the RTA forums and have found a little information, but it's somewhat dated.
    Not much change in CB technology -- here is an overview I wrote and the Cobra HH (hand-held) model is the one I carry in the sedan and goes into any rental vehicle we are using on an assignment. Here is a good list of sites -- that provide much better analysis if that appeals to you.


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    I've used Cobra in the past, and I find them comparable. They both are some of the better, and more well known, brands out there. I've never had a problem outside of issues caused by my abuse.

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