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    Default Iowa March Blizzard

    I received this photo slide show from a family member earlier today. I had no idea the extent of the snowfall earlier this month! Some of these road shots -- especially the ones of the Interstate are amazing!

    Any of our Iowans around for commentary?


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    Default Wow....just wow!

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Default dodged that bullet

    We didn't get hit that badly with the March storm in Southern Wisconsin, but we did have our own blizzard a week earlier.

    We only got about a foot of snow, but the wind did create some challenging drifts. I was out driving in it during the teeth of the storm, and it was slow going on the main roads, with decent drifts. The worst spots were on the back roads where 2 or more feet of snow drifted up in places.

    I wouldn't recommend driving through those conditions to others, but I'll admit, I did have a good time!

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    Default Winter's Last Gasp- Let's Hope

    After enjoying temps in the 70s here in northern Illinois this last week, we're getting nailed with 30s today and it looks to be that way until Sunday. Also today we have wind advisories in excess of 40 mph. Let's be careful out there all you folks on the road.

    Snow called for today. And I was planning to work in the yard.

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    Default Wow

    I think I'll just stay in Louisiana. I can't even comprehend that much snow.


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