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  1. Default Spring Break Road Trip from Virginia to the Florida Keys Needs Help!

    Hey fellow road trippers!

    I'm a college student that's planning on a road trip with a few other friends (2-4 other people) and we know where we want our destination to be (The KEYS!), but with all of us being novices, we're not sure where to even start!

    We're starting from the very lovely, very Northern Virginia and making what could be a long day trip into a WEEK. I haven't quiet started looking, but I thought that I could ask some more experienced road trippers and get some great advice! Back roads, amazing views, cheesy attractions, great eats, anything at all!

    Our trip is in the middle of March and ANY advice is great advice at this point! :)

    Thank You!!

  2. Default A crazy Suggestion

    Dry Tortugas National Park... 70 miles WESTof Key West. Out in the middle of nowhere, there's an old Civil War era fort on a small island.

    This is getting away from it all big time....

    There's a campground, $3/ person per night. You've got to bring you own food, drinking water, and fuel (for cooking -- wood is not allowed, so bring a camp stove). And you have to pack out your trash.

    There's couple of companies which offer a boat ferry from Key West, and that's the expensive part -- around $120-140 per person round trip (there are student discounts).

    The snorkling is supposed to be incredible...

    And you've got to admit -- it's somewhere none of your friends have ever been...

    (This has been on my list of places to go if I make it to South Florida...)

  3. Default Some other National Parks to check out.

    On the way south on 95 you'll pass Savannah, Ga which has a great blend of History and Nature... with old southern mansions and Fort Pulaski National Monument on the shore. Also you can make the excursion to Cumberland Island National Seashore which is beautiful and undeveloped with beach camping its just quiet and beautiful! as for cheesy attractions roadsideamerica has a great resource with maps and description, state by state.
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