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  1. Default Southern Cali to Washington

    Hi all,
    My friends and I are planning a road trip together for 5 days. We will start from Irvine and want to go up to Washington state. We want to drive the different route on the way back.
    Any suggestions about the route or what to do will be highly appreciated. Thank you

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    Default How many hours a day are expecting?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmikins
    My friends and I are planning a road trip together for 5 days. We will start from Irvine and want to go up to Washington state.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! If you drive flat-out, with no scenic byways, no detours, no walks on the beach, etc. You can reach Seattle in three very long days. Where in Washington are your headed for? With a five day trip, you won't have any time for detours and will need to stick to Interstate highways. Are you sure you are limited to five days? If so, you need to re-think your destination a little.

    Happy Planning!


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    Default Many Great Routes!

    Greetings Kimmikins and welcome to the Forum!

    There are MANY great routes from So. Cali. to Washington State. It all depends on your final destination? Are you venturing to the Washington Coast and Penninsula? Perhaps Seattle and the Puget Sound and San Juan Archepelago Region? The Cascade Mountains and Orchards of Central Washington? Or the rolling wheatfields of Eastern Washington?

    Mark says three long days from Southern California to Washington... This can easily be done in two exausting days if you're up to the challenge. I've done this about 4 times now and it's always been two days.

    Anyway, the main route from California into Washington State is Interstate 5. It's the fastest. You might get away with a detour using CA 99 from near Bakersfield to Stockton if you don't want to go through endless farms. I-5 will then be able to easily connect you to either the Coast, the Upper Sound, the Cascades, Central and Eastern Washington. As far as time, this might be your only option, as all other routes are smaller roads with decreased speeds.

    If I knew your final destination, I could give you some really great ideas on routes, even a few 'backroads' that aren't normally thought of (depending on time, of course).

    I may be "Arizona Brad", but Washington's my home!

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  4. Default

    Yea, unfortunately we just have 5 days and we want to do some fun stuff along the way too. I know it's hard to make it to Washington and do some detours but one of my friends really really wants to go there.
    Does it sound cool to you if we go to Grand Canyon instead. Do you have any suggestions for 5 days trip, starting from Irvine, CA??
    Thanks a bunch for your prompt responds

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    Default Too Exausting... come to Arizona!

    If you ONLY have 5 days total, Washington State might not be the best idea for you. Washington State is one of those places you need at least 5 days of being here to even get a taste... 5 months is always prefered (years are even better).

    However, yes, Grand Canyon would be MUCH shorter and less exausting. The last time I made the 2 day drive I think I slept for 24 hours (which would mean your one free day of non-driving would be spent sleeping, only to get up and do it again).

    You're welcome in Arizona! Perhaps you could do a tour of Old Route 66 from Topock through Oatman, Kingman, and then on to the Grand Canyon. This will at least get you on another route for part of the way, and allow some exploring!

    Other suggestions might either be a 5 day holiday to either Las Vegas, Phoenix or Tucson, or maybe even Flagstaff, AZ. Or, just a jaunt up to San Francisco, Reno, or another area close by. Maybe a trip to San Diego might be in order for this time of Year. Don't forget theres also Zion National Park too.

    Any other questions please ask!


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    I think you are right. 5 days seems too exhausting to me if we drive to Washington. I personally think we can make it but I don't see it fun driving all the way there and back and miss all the taste of it.
    What in AZ do you suggest to see?
    Can we go from Cali to Nevada (Grand Canyon) and to AZ and back? Do you think we have enough time for all that?
    Thanks so much

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    Default We've Moved? I didn't get the memo!

    Unless you plan on visiting Las Vegas, you really don't need to go into Nevada to see the Grand Canyon. The main access point is on the south end in Arizona, and the North Rim (less developed/more remote) is accessable via a short drive through Nevada and Utah.

    If you were to keep the trip trimmed to Grand Canyon and maybe a brief visit to Las Vegas, Nevada, you could get away with 5 days. Its most of a days drive between Souther California and most of Arizona, so you'll have to factor in that. That would leave you with about 3 whole days of exploring time.

    Depending on how much time you spent at the canyon, a day in Vegas with an overnight stay might fit into the puzzle fairly seamelessly.


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    I don't think we will do anything in Vegas or even stop there. Do you think it's feasible?

  9. Default Trip South Frm Washington

    You might try coming straigth down US101... Don't know where you're coming from in Washington, but assuming it's Seattle: Two options - first cross Puget Sound via Edmonds Ferry... That puts you on WA104... Stick with 104 until you hit US101, turning right takes up through Port Angeles and around the northern end of the Olympic Penisula - just stick with US101... Turning left takes you down US101 next to Hood Canal (my favorite route)... OR, go south from Seattle to Olympia, pick up US101 going West towards Aberdeen, Hoquiam, etc (This is where you'll come out the Port Angeles route)... Hang a left (just follow signs for US101 south)... Stick with US101, eventually you will come to the Golden Gate Bridge but you will have come straight down the Oregon Coast, Washington Coast, through the Redwood Empire, Redwoods National Park, and parts of the Napa/Sonoma area... I personally love the route and derivations off it all the way down are numerous... Grampa

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    Default This trip is starting from Irvine!

    Quote Originally Posted by Grampa425
    You might try coming straigth down US101... Don't know where you're coming from in Washington,
    The poster is not in Washington, they are starting from southern California!


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