If you are traveling in Chelan County, Washington State, here are some must see stops along around the area (I hope to have some photos after my trip up to Wenatchee, Washington [unfortunately, due to time restrictions and my car not doing too well, this will not be a roadtrip from Phoenix]).

First in KING COUNTY on US 2 (stevens pass highway), at the base of Stevens Pass:
Deception Falls- If you don't stop at this USFS pull off, you will never know it exists, or the fact that US 2 goes right over it! The US Forest Service maintains a nice walking trail that winds over the falls, up under the highway, and up to a view point alongside the falls. This is a very peaceful spot (well, minus the occational semi truck and traffic), and is worth the stop!

IN CHELAN COUNTY- US 2 in Tumwater Canyon: When driving from Stevens Pass toward Leavenworth, watch out after you pass Cole's Corner (the 69er Dinner and Cheveron Station/Lodging), you will find a little peace of heaven tucked along side the roadway deep in the canyon. Along side a tiny lake created by the small Tumwater Dam, The Alps candy store is a real treat. With all sorts of taffy, fudge, and everything else for the sweet tooth, as well as some collectables, an assortment of sauces/honey, and other items, even a small petting zoo, all along the temporary calm in the river created by the dam. My father has been visiting this store since he was a young child, and it is the highlight of any cross-pass trip!

Leavenworth is self explanitory once you are there, but walk along the downtown area for a while!

Next- in Cashmere, Washington (about 15-17 miles east of Leavenworth, between Leavenworth and Wentachee) is the home of Aplets and Cottlets, a world-famous candy confectioner serving up fruity delights from thier Cashmere factory. Owned by Liberty Orchards, this factory offers tours (I am pretty sure they are free), and combine that with Cashmere's Early American stlying of the buildings, is a neat stop.

Hidden Treasures- If heading north on US 97A (west bank of the Columbia, serving Entiat and Chelan), you will come across Entiat Valley Rd (just as you enter the town of Entiat). Head west on this WONDERFUL drive up into the mountains, past the tiny town of Ardenvoir, you will come to some VERY NICE campgrounds, including Silver Falls, which is at the base of a couple-hundred feet tall waterfall! Its a steep hike with many switchbacks, but is a photographers delight. (camping note- beware of Skeeters in the summer!). Entiat Valley Road is a wonderful drive from beginning to end!

Again I hope to have some photographs of some of these areas sometime mid-April and I will put them up on here.
Brad M.
GMRS License-Pending