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    Default Week Long Road Trip Starting at Buffalo

    Me and my Friend really want to go on a road trip before college, preferably east. I've started doing research on places to see, and I am decidely anti-Highway. Some of the places I want to hit up include

    SR-97 by Port Jervis, NY
    New Croton Dam, NY
    Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut

    Then I was thinking about continuing north to Maine, and then loop back around home to buffalo. Anyone have any ideas for stops along the way?

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    Default Off-Highway Northeast

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    A few places that seem to fit with your general direction and scheme, and are far from the interstate would

    Letchworth State Park - Don't ignore it just because it's close to home
    Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area - South of Port Jervis
    Harriman State Park - Particularly Seven Lakes Drive between Sloatsburg and Bear Mountain
    The Mohawk Trail - Across Massachusetts towards Maine
    Monadnock State Park - Great hiking and views in south-central New Hampshire
    NH-153 - A great back road to head north along the Maine/New Hampshire state line
    Kancamagus Highway - NH-112, an absolute must
    and, of course, the Adirondacks

    Hope those at least get you thinking about what's available.


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