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    Carl Guest

    Default damn!

    That's a hell of a long trip. How long are you planning on spending on the road and over what months? I've never taken a road trip that extensive. I'm currently planning a 2 month trip out west alone (I'm 22), not quite as massive as yours, but even my trip seems like a lot. Maybe this isn't what you want to hear, but I would suggest not spreading your destinations out so much. You will be covering most of the U.S. and could probably cover over 25,000 miles as well a spending a sh*tload of money. I would like to see your tentative plans when you figure them out. Sounds like regardless of what you do, you'll be seeing some great sights.

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    imported_Jessica Guest


    I was thinking the same thing tonight myself, hardest part is figuring out...okay, where do I -really- HAVE to go....and maybe do the others at later times....I'll basically take leave off of work, and travel for as long as need be. And, it will be next year, probably late spring, after the snow is gone. I'm not very good at driving in winter weather...and will maybe last until September. This comming september I'm going to Join Ryan on the trail because I have a week long paid vacation comming to me from work, since I've been there a year. We're going to camp and do some hiking and do some white water rafting. But that's another trip. Back to my road trip. I spent some time today at the library lookin at some national park and campground guides but just came up with more places I want to go. I guess the only couple places I -have- to go, are the Black Hills/Jewel and Wind Cave/Mt. Rushmore/Badlands/Crazy Horse....since they are all pretty much in the same general locale, Grand Canyon, because I -really- want to go white water rafting down the colorado rive through it..., Gettysburg, Philadelphia, Boston, and Salem, and Orlando (for Ryan's sake.)

    Ry's taking a week off soon to come visit me later this summer, so maybe by then I'll have some of the info I sent away for.
    I really wanna see niagra falls and washington DC too.

    UGH, there's so much I have to see.

    The list is never ending and I have no clue where to begin!

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    J T Richardson Guest

    Default Major Road Trip

    My family and I are beginning a Big trip this coming week. We have taken some smaller ones in the past. I think the smaller ones were rehersals for this one.
    Anyway, we will be leaving from Louisville KY and will be journeying to Seattle through the Northwest . We plan on being gone 17 days. We plan on staying in in inexpensive motels and eating as cheap as possible. We will be using our Nissan Van. It is almost new and in good repair. We want to see mostly Natural and Historical Sites. I would like advice as to how to maximize our pleasure during this journey.

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    kristy Guest

    Default family trip

    by family i assume you mean children. what ages? to make it enjoyable for the whole family let the kids help decide what places they really want to see. dont keep them cooped up in the car too long,if you notice they are getting fiesty or cranky pull over for an hour or the day whichever seems necessary even if it means not making your next destination. it is good to have a tentative itinerary but be able to be spontaneous if you find something else along the way you want to see or be able to scrap part of the plan if it seems too much. getting lost and mishaps are half the fun of road trips so just go with it and dont get stressed out by little things. (i would get AAA it makes it much easier to stay stress free) it doesnt hurt to let everyone have a little time away from each other at some point or to seperate the kids for awhile. most families are not together 24/7 every second in their normal lives so expeccting to be together that much on a long trip and not get irritated is unlikely. have fun

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