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    Hi, I'm thinking of a one-way road trip from Minneapolis to Seattle.

    I'm interested in suggestions for a road trip itinerary that would be interesting to college-age/recent college-graduate age people.

    Any suggestions on places as well as routes?


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    For starters, I'd head down US-169 and MN-60 to hook up with I-90 for the trip west rather than just using I-94. This sets you up for a quick stop at the Corn Palace and then to continue through the vastly underrated South Dakota. From Ranchester, WY, use US-14 into Yellowstone, then US-20 to connect with interstates 15, 86 and 84 into southern Idaho and finish off up I-82 and I-90 into Seattle and/or perhaps a final scenic drive on US-2 over Stevens Pass with a quick stop in kitschy Leavenworth. That's a bit farther (2050 miles) than the shortest route (1660 miles) just using I-94 and I-90, but gives you a lot more to do.


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