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    Hi- I posted about my upcoming road trip here, and it looks as though all systems are go, except for the fact that my older brother--who was supposed to fly to Portland and then drive from Portland to Seattle and then back to Dallas with me--can no longer join me. Thus, I'm currently flying (er, driving) solo for the Seattle --> Dallas portion of my road trip, and I'd love to have someone along for at least a part of the ride. My itinerary is not set in stone- I really don't care what route I take, but I will be leaving Seattle on Wednesday, June 28th, and would like to get back to Dallas by Monday, July 3 at the latest. So, it's kind of a speed run. I'll be sleeping in motels along the way and wouldn't mind splitting the cost of a room with two double beds. Basically, if you're looking for a ride from Seattle to SLC, Cheyenne, Colorado, etc., I may be the person you've been looking for.

    Obviously, safety's a concern, but if you're interested, e-mail me and I'll begin my elaborate screening process to make sure you're not crazy. Then again, I'm the one about to take a 5,000 mile road trip, so perhaps I'm the crazy one.

    Male/female is unimportant: just be able to drive and make conversation. Thanks!


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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Crazy is as crazy does

    Quote Originally Posted by adrock47
    Then again, I'm the one about to take a 5,000 mile road trip, so perhaps I'm the crazy one.
    Greetings Adrienne!

    If this is the case, then I should be admitted! But in all seriousness, people take to the road for long (longer) trips everyday. Its just part of the American/Western hemisphere way of life.

    Good luck on finding a good roadtrippin' buddy!


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    Im might be able to make that, if you are still looking. I e-mailed you, but im just posting here incase you check here 1st. Seeing as how you will be leaving very soon...

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