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  1. Default Any suggestions for a cross country move??

    I will be moving back home to California from Ohio. I have researched many "road" websites, and havn't really found anything useful. I am looking for some kind of Interstate exit guide, since I don't plan on straying off of the interstate. I will be travelling on I 80 from Gary, Indiana clear into Reno, Nevada. I will be travelling with my two daughters, ages, 11 and 15 and need some kind of guide as to gas, motels, rest stops, etc.... I will also be on somewhat of a budget. I am just looking for the quickest way possible. Any tips??

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    There is a whole section on this site Roadtrip Planning that you can find a lot of help and informaion on travel. There is a book, Explore The Next Exit Before You Exit, by Mark T. Watson for help with the Interstate exits. If you have a little time, it would be great if you could make just a few stops with your children on the way. The western US is very beautiful and you will be driving through any way. National Parks are very inexpensive to visit. A National Parks pass can be purchased for $50.00 and it admits the 3 of you, too. Good luck with your move.

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    Default A free one perchance?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aftershock71
    I will be moving back home to California from Ohio.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. Here is a link to a site that provides just about all of the information you could ever want for exit information from Interstate highways.

    Happy Planning!


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    Default There's a book but I don't think you really need it.

    There is a book called "The Next Exit" that will tell you what is at each exit. There is a new update for 2006 so it should be pretty accurate. However, I really don't think it's necessary. It's a rare exit that doesn't have signs saying "fuel at next exit", "lodging at next exit", "food at next exit" listing what types of gas stations, hotels, and restaurants you'll find.

    And if you're coming into a stretch of road where services are minimal for awhile, you will usually see signs saying something to the effect of "No Services for 47 miles".

    Anyway, if this is something that concerns you, that book should be a big help but I think the highways are well-enough marked where you don't really need it. I think the folks that benefit from it the most are those driving RVs because it does give you some kind of idea on which places have good access for the bigger rigs.

    Oh, and if you have a PalmOS-based PDA, you can download it to use on that here.

    But, really, it's a well-traveled highway. You should be just fine without getting this by just watching the signs on the road. In my humble opinion, anyway. Enjoy your trip!

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