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    I am driving from Houston, TX to Anchorage. I need to be in Anchorage no later than the 19th of this month. I will be the only one driving, so I was hoping someone may be able to suggest the quickest route. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    I see two decent options:

    Option 1: Head to Dallas, Take I-35 North into Kansas, I-135 and I-70 to Denver, I-25 to I-90 to I-15 to Canada. Highway's 4 and 2 to Edmonton and then onto the Alaska Highway.

    Option 2: Again head to Dallas, Take I-35 North all the way to Kansas City, I-29 to Winnipeg, and then 16 to Edmonton.

    The first option is probably a little bit shorter, but goes through more mountain areas. The second spends more time in the plains, which could potentially be a little faster.

    Either way, I hope you are leaving today. You are looking at at least a 4500 mile drive, including almost half of which is slow moving two lane roads. Doing this drive alone over just 10 days will be extremely difficult and quite dangerous - simply because of the fatigue factor. Be careful and good luck.

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    Default Three in one week?

    Quote Originally Posted by jrr
    I am driving from Houston, TX to Anchorage.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Is there a convention of Houstonites in Anchorage this month? There have been three messages from other travelers doing this. In any case, be sure to pick up this year's edition of the Alaskan Highways "bible" (read my review here). Well, let's see by the fastest possible driving route it is about 4500 miles. Have you considered the bay-crossing-ferry option? -- Those ferries cut out about 2000 miles.

    Anyway, for speed run purposes -- I-35 to I-70 to I-25 to I-90 to I-15 to Canada and then Hwy-4 to Hwy-3 to Hwy-2. From Calgary I would head due west on Hwy-16 to Hwy-37 to the Alaskan Highway (Hwy-1) and then west again over to Tok and then southwest (still on Hwy-1) to Anchorage.

    Have a fun trip!


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