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    Default Houston to Seattle

    I am planning to take a road trip with my 2 standard poodles early March from Houston, TX to Seattle, WA. We're going by minivan and plan to travel between 8-10 hours each day.
    Does anyone have any advice as to which routes are the best and if I should be concerned about crossing any passes at that time of the year??
    Also any tips for that type of trip with the dogs would be greatly appreciated. They have already done a couple days road trip with us and do very well in the car, but any added advice is always helpful!

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    Default dogs

    I've only driven that route in the summer so I can't help you regarding passes/snow. I would simply suggest that you get some chains and practice using them before you leave so that you know how to put them on correctly if you have to use them. Other than that, simply follow good commonsense if driving in bad weather: slow down, relax and accept the slower speed so agitation doesn't affect your driving sensibilities, be especially observant, etc.

    As for the dogs...I would get them a harness that doubles as a seatbelt attachment so that your dogs will be better protected in case of accident, and won't be able to hurt you or others in the car by flying loose. Know that you should stop at least every 2 hours to give the dogs a brief walk and water break. Since stretching your legs regularly is good for you too, this is a bonus! I often travel with my dog and I love to hike so I try to plan ahead for a late morning or mid-day stop at a place with good hiking opportunities. Even if it's only a shorter 45-60 minute hike, it's a good break for me and for my dog. And it tires her out a bit so that she sleeps better in the afternoon. She's a good car traveler but a whole day of it with only short breaks makes her too energetic to sleep well at night so this mid-day hike also helps her sleep better at I can sleep better, too.

    I'm sure none of this is probably anything you don't already know. Have a great trip!

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    Default US287, then I-90 or US2 or US12

    I suggest US287 from the Dallas area all the way to Butte MT, then I-90 into Seattle, or US2 or US12 if open and you still have a taste for state roads! There are many ways to go, of course -- and you can keep your options open in case winter driving conditions occur.

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