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    Default Arriving on Labour day weekend


    We're planning to arrive from the UK to begin our road trip from San fran to Vegas on the first weekend of September. Someone mentioned to us in passing that this might be a bad idea!

    We've already booked our flights!! Eek.

    Should we try and rearrange them or will this be ok?

    Hopefully someone can put our minds at ease!

    Many thanks


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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Labor Day

    Greetings Sunbeam1664,

    You'll hear a lot of aweful news about Labor Day Weekend. In the US, this is the "Last horrah of summer", so many families will do their final summer vacation on this three-day weekend. As you could guess, there's a lot of hype regarding crammed airports, bumper to bumper traffic, and loud campgrounds. While this does occur, it is somewhat exaggerated. Yes, traffic at the airports will be busier, but it all depends on when you have your flights booked and if you already have your rental car booked (if you don't and will need one, do so now!). If you play it smart and keep calm, you too can have a fun and adventurous weekend. Just don't be surprised if attractions you plan to visit are quite busy. Other than that, you should be fine.


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    Hi Brad,

    Many thanks for your response! You've put our minds at ease with that.

    We'll join the crowds and rent that car now then!


    Paul and Rach

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